Solidarity Network

Fighting Slumlords

Philadelphia is plagued by unscrupulous slumlords more interested in extracting profits from their tenants than making decent homes for them. Slumlords use every advantage they have over tenants—money, lawyers, the threat of putting someone out of their home—to keep rents flowing in while they avoid fulfilling their responsibilities to maintain their properties.

Tenants don’t have the kind of time and money landlords have to push their cases in court. And, too often, the courts’ default position is to side with property owners.

West Philly Branch Happy Hour @ Dahlak

Friends and comrades! Time for another happy hour with the Philly Socialists West Philly Branch!

César Andreu Iglesias Community BBQ

Philly Socialists will be reintroducing ourselves to the neighborhood with the first of our Community BBQ series.

We invite all our comrades and friends from around the César Andreu Iglesias community garden to come out for an afternoon of music, food, and fun for the entire family.

Philly Socialists will be providing food but please bring a dish if you can as we expect a strong turn out.

We will have activities for kids and good people for the adults to meet and befriend.

It should be a great day. Mark your calendar and come on out.